Friday, June 15, 2012

Unlock Vodafone Huawei modem k3770


Install the original Vodafone software that came with the USB modem

Download the latest dashboard from this link or and run


Wait for software to download onto your USB modem

(Remember changing the dashboard automatically terminates your warranty with the operator)


Choose finish and wait for the drivers to install and run the new software


Download universal master code from here or and run.


Choose Huawei tab and insert IMEI and press calculate (copy unlock code)


Insert different sim into modem and run mobile broadband and insert the unlock code.

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  1. I've downloaded the software as you were told here but I am not able to insert the unlock code. Could you tell me as to where to insert the code in that software?

  2. download the universal master code and insert the imei to generate the unlock code for your modem

  3. Plz tell me where to paste the unlock code after being generated out of universal master code app.

  4. hi i want to use vodaphone with mobile partner is that possible admin??

  5. yeah
    just download de mobilepartner dashboad and 7zip to extract the setup file from the installation files and install.this way you will have your vodafone software intact on the modem and be able to run mobile partner alongside

  6. hello you didn't reply for other where to paste the unlock code after being generated out of universal master code app.

  7. insert sim other than the original that came with the usb modem ,it should ask for unlock code when u run the mobile partner

    1. There is an error message "only the specified SIM/USIM card can be used on the device!"

  8. There is an eroor message "only the specified SIM/USIM card can be usedon the device!"

  9. please what kind of modem are you using??

  10. hi, i have k 3770 vodafone egypt modem and i want to sue it for voafone italy but give me "searching for network ...." so i guess it is locked for egypt so how can i unlock that modem?

  11. Msarae the original Vodafone software will not accept any SIM card apart from Vodafone SIM so you just have to download "mobile partner" then insert any other SIM other than the Vodafone. Now run the mobile partner instead of the Vodafone is the mobile partner that will allow you to enter unlock code which Nanabanyin Jackson has already shown you how to get it.

  12. I downloaded the latest dashboard and tried to run it but, It is showing an Error:- Error code:10, port not found please advice on this what actually the thing, I am missing on something or whats going wrong.

  13. Hi, I downloaded the latest dashboard and tried to run it on Vodafone Huawei device of model k3770 and it also unlocked the code ...Now i have inserted TataDocomo sim but it is failing to connect and displaying the message as
    "The device has been disconnected or is unavailable"
    "Your device does not support automatic configurations. Contact Customer Support for the settings."

  14. Hi,

    I have downloaded this software and installed. But its showing error message like this. "The device has been disconnected or is unavailable". Now its not connecting even vodafone sim also. So, now how to get rid of this..? pls suggest me. Am totally screwd up from this.

  15. try set tools>options>general select RAS(modem) if it appears
    this works for me

  16. i have done this process and unlocked my modem.this one supports all the networks except getting it was not possible to enable your mobile device message what i have to do??/

  17. i have downloaded the software and try to install while installing its shows "Error code:12 failed to get device information"pls help me to overcome this error